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Paper Charts and Publications

 Click here to download an abridged version of SANHO-3 Catalogue and Indexes of SAN Charts and other Hydrographic Publications.

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The catalogue also includes a price list for the charts and publications. The full version of this publication can be purchased from any of the chart agents listed in this abridged version.

Agents for South African Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs)

Official South African ENC products are available to commercial users through the Value Added Resellers (VARs) of the International Centre for ENCs (IC-ENC) as listed below:

Admiralty Charts and Publications -
ChartCo -
Chart World -
Datema Nautical Safety -
Jeppesen Marine -
Maris Maritime Information Systems -
Navtor -
Primar Stavanger -


South African Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs)

Product No
ENC Title Usage Band Edition Last
To view ENC
ZA1N0010 Northern Waters of Namibia OVERVIEW 3 3 click here
ZA1N0020 Southern Waters of Namibia OVERVIEW 2 2 click here
ZA100010 Western Waters of South Africa OVERVIEW 4 6 click here
ZA100020 Southern Waters of South Africa OVERVIEW 5 0 click here
ZA100030 Eastern Waters of South Africa OVERVIEW 4 1 click here
ZA2N0010 Kunene River to Palgrave Point GENERAL 2 0 click here
ZA2N0020 Huab River to Conception Bay GENERAL 2 2 click here
ZA2N0030 Meob Bay to Elizabeth Bay GENERAL 2 1 click here
ZA2N0040 Driemasterpunt to Orange River GENERAL 2 1 click here
ZA200010 Orange River to Stompneuspunt GENERAL 2 2 click here
ZA200020 Cape Columbine to Cape Infanta GENERAL 1 18 click here
ZA200030 Cape Barracouta to Cape Padrone GENERAL 1 25 click here
ZA200040 Great Fish Point to Cape Hermes GENERAL 1 13 click here
ZA200050 South Sand Bluff to Ponta do Ouro GENERAL 1 15 click here
ZA3N0010 Kunene River to Sand Table Hill COASTAL 1 1 click here
ZA3N0020 Terrace Bay to Cape Cross COASTAL 1 4 click here
ZA3N0030 Farilhao Point to Conception Bay COASTAL 1 15 click here
ZA3N0040 Meob Bay to Hottentot Point COASTAL 1 4 click here
ZA3N0050 Douglas Point to Orange River COASTAL 1 10 click here
ZA300010 Oranjemund to Skulpfonteinpunt COASTAL 3 3 click here
ZA300020 Hondeklipbaai to Olifantsrivier COASTAL 1 5 click here
ZA300030 Doringbaai to Yzerfonteinpunt COASTAL 1 23 click here
ZA300040 Dassen Island to Kaap Hangklip COASTAL 2 11 click here
ZA300050 Mudge Point to Cape Infanta COASTAL 3 17 click here
ZA300060 Cape Barracouta to Cape Seal COASTAL 2 30 click here
ZA300070 Storm Point to Port Alfred COASTAL 3 23 click here
ZA300080 Great Fish Point to Cape Morgan COASTAL 2 22 click here
ZA300090 Mbashe Point to North Sand Bluff COASTAL 1 17 click here
ZA300100 Port Shepstone to Tongaat Bluff COASTAL 3 5 click here
ZA300110 Tugela River to Cape St Lucia COASTAL 1 29 click here
ZA300120 Cape Vidal to Ponta do Ouro COASTAL 2 6 click here
ZA300200 Marion and Prince Edward Islands COASTAL 2 0 click here
ZA300300 Approaches to Dronning Maud Land COASTAL 2 0 click here
ZA4N0010 Approaches to Walvis Bay APPROACHES 4 8 click here
ZA4N0020 Approaches to Luderitz APPROACHES 1 10 click here
ZA400040 Approaches to Saldanha Bay APPROACHES 2 6 click here
ZA400050 Approaches to Table Bay APPROACHES 2 13 click here
ZA400070 False Bay APPROACHES 3 8 click here
ZA400090 Mosselbaai APPROACHES 1 19 click here
ZA400120 Approaches to Port Elizabeth APPROACHES 4 4 click here
ZA400130 Bird Island Passage APPROACHES 2 1 click here
ZA400140 Approaches to East London APPROACHES 1 6 click here
ZA400150 Durban Oil Terminal SMB APPROACHES 3 1 click here
ZA400160 Approaches to Durban APPROACHES 5 8 click here
ZA400170 Approaches to Richards Bay APPROACHES 5 11 click here
ZA400200 Approaches to Transvaal Cove APPROACHES 1 1 click here
ZA5N0010 Walvis Bay Harbour HARBOUR 5 10 click here
ZA5N0020 Luderitz Harbour HARBOUR 1 9 click here
ZA500040 Saldanha Bay HARBOUR 6 2 click here
ZA500050 Table Bay HARBOUR 7 0 click here
ZA500080 Simon's Bay HARBOUR 3 19 click here
ZA500090 Mosselbaai Harbour HARBOUR 1 11 click here
ZA500120 Port Elizabeth Harbour HARBOUR 5 2 click here
ZA500125 Ngqura Harbour HARBOUR 3 0 click here
ZA500140 East London Harbour HARBOUR 1 11 click here
ZA500160 Durban Harbour HARBOUR 10 7 click here
ZA500170 Richards Bay Harbour HARBOUR 3 19 click here
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