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The South African Hydrographic Office is committed to producing official electronic navigational charts (ENCs) of South African and Namibian waters. 

ENC Procurement
Official ENC products are available to commercial users through the Value Added Resellers (VARs) of the International Centre for ENCs (IC-ENC).

ENC Coverage
The latest coverage of South African ENCs may be viewed on our Catalogue Page or by selecting the approriate usage band  below. For world wide coverage visit the IC-ENC, PRIMAR and IHO websites. See Links for details. 

South African and Namibian ENC Coverage


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S66 - Facts about Charts and Carriage Requirements      

The SOLAS Convention includes a requirement for all ships to carry to up-to-date nautical charts and publications for the intended voyage. This carriage requirement may be satisfied fully or partly by electronic means.

Feedback from people involved in the use of charts and electronic chart display equipment covering manufacturers, distributors, users, ship owners, regulatory authorities pilots, harbour authorities and others reveal a significant uncertainty about status and regulations applying to the products and equipment available in the market today. In particular the differences between the status of the various types of equipment and the differences between the various types of data offered to the users are unclear with respect to the regulations in place.

This publication serves as a reference frame to help resolve the uncertainties existing today.

To obtain this document from the IHO website click here or click on the image above.


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