Updates to published ENCs can be downloaded for installing on ECDIS systems used on SAN Naval vessels by following the instructions below.

Procedure to Obtain Updates

Below are links to the monthly ENC updates. These updates will be available shortly after the publication of the official Notices on this website. Click on the link  for the required Month and save the target file to your local drive or to a memory device. Right click on the blue text in the links below and choose option Save link as....

If you do not have Winzip application installed you can download Winzip8 by clicking on the link provided.

In Winzip point the path to the folder where you have saved the applicable Update zip file(s) and click on option Extract in the top menu bar of the Winzip application. You will be prompted to enter a password.

The folder enc_root will then be extracted and saved to your preferred location.

It is suggested that you place this folder on the root directory of your memory stick.

Insert the memory stick into the ECDIS's USB slot and follow the instructions in your ECDIS  manual for loading updates.

For new installations of the data, load the base sets and then load the updates in the date order of earliest to latest month/year.

Base Sets

Data Sets corrected up to and including December 2014 Notices to Mariners




Monthly Updates

Updates based on December 2018 Notices to Mariner

Click here for WINZIP application